Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

I have to tell you first that I am a campy comic and action movie fan, but my opinion of the marvel and avenger franchise in particular has gone down quite a bit these last couple movies. They seem to have found a particularly profitable formula and now they are pumping on it till the well is dry. Good for them I say, but it doesn’t make for long lasting quality movies – The kind you show your grandchildren.

I should say that Its not quite Kubrick material. I mean it is an action movie after all. We aren’t expecting monumental plot twists and tear worthy dialogue, but in this movie it actually came close. I don’t know whether it was the large screen and the fact that I haven’t been to the theater in a really long time, or it really was the well thought out character development in this movie, but I felt really connected to the protagonists struggle.

Characters / Character development 4/5 stars

In this installment of the Guardians franchise, we saw a couple new sides to some of the old characters. Groot was back and cuter than ever. Nebula and Yondu had a lot more screen time in this movie and I am not sad about it. During some of Nebula’s parts, there were actually times that I heard audible gasps and sighs from the audience. It was moving and well thought out. Mostly Nebula is known for giving a fierce look on camera, and then storming away, but here she had a little more body language to display and a lot more lines. She delivered well.

Yondu was a great addition to the cast. In the first movie he was a secondary antagonist, but here he took on a much more meaningful role. It was a great wrap up to the question of ‘Why did Yondu never deliver Peter Quill to his father?’. Made for some pretty great sequences.

Eego / Kurt Russel. Who knew? This guy is known for cheap rubber stamp pulp action movies, and that’s not a bad thing, its just the truth. Here, he really sold his character. Kurt did tremendously. It was probably some of his greatest acting.

Plot / Story 3/5 stars

The theme in this movie was family and what it means to be a part of something greater than yourself. It had undertones of ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ type of vibe to it. The writing of the the plot was well thought out and it delivered a strong and poignant message. Which is something for a marvel movie. The first couple were great, but honestly they’ve become an excuse for running action sequences.

I thought it was obligatory that the movie had a plot twist, because it seemed everything was going a little too well there for a little bit. I have to say that I saw the twist coming, but I couldn’t have guessed the depth of the twist or how it would affect the gang. It was troubling for a character. Pleasantly surprised.

Visuals / Graphics / Storyboard / Screenplay 4/5 stars

Obviously fantastic. Well thought out. Not really much to say here, because its a marvel movie and they do their homework. Fantastic, as were the rest of them.

Overall 4/5 stars

Well worth the money to go see it in the movies. Thanks for reading.



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